Hey Charis and anybody else that is procrastinating.

I’d like to say that I’ve been hella busy with living life to the fullest but I haven’t. I have actually watched the second Avengers now though which is great cause now I understand more references. Totally forgot to watch the first one though. …I’m pretty sure somebody’s playing Mrs Robinson somewhere.. It’s like faintly … More Hey Charis and anybody else that is procrastinating.


Yo, I had stuff to do. You know how it be. Anyway, …why do I always start my sentences like that? Super lame. LET’S TRY AGAIN. I have a sweet, sweet 30 minutes of free time due to Robbie nursing a hangover, with all of the lights turned off and the curtains closed I feel … More I’M BACK BITCHEZ.


Hello, this is work stuff I can refer to for revision. Move along …or not, i’m not the police.    Alexander McQueen     17th March 1969 to 11th February 2010 Fashion Designer and Couturier After getting his O-level in art, McQueen progressed to work on Savile Row in London. Obtaining experiences and tailoring skills … More McQueen

Serious Envy

Okay so hello, yes. yes. I haven’t been posting because A-levels. More importantly, I have a new friend and her name is Maria and she is amazing. I hope she doesn’t mind but I’m showing you her work as it’s simply incredible, like pretty cool stuff y’know. She does loads of different stuff from photography … More Serious Envy


 Good eeeevenin’. IF YOU REMEMBER a week or two ago I helped out at my boyfriends’ family stall at the crafts fair which looked super cool and craftsy but I didn’t take any pictures because I’m super lame. It was great thanks for asking. Buuuut not as colourful and crafty as I ,personally, thought it could’ve been. … More CrowsLoft